Tobias on January 01, 2020:

Stiki and WHY we're building it.

TARGET: SELL TO A CUSTOMER, not an investor?

Stiki: Create Flow State for your team

Hey I’m Tobias, CEO of Stiki. ( Company Name / Your Name / Adress / Email and Phone number )

Yesterday, I sat at my desk, writing this text, totally in Flow State, I’m in the zone, the words are just flowing out of my finger tips..

BOOM: An investor calling me..

(asking me if he can invest into Stiki..)

I asked him if he knows:

  • It takes 21 minutes to refoucs after every interruptions
  • Nowadays everything feels urgent: emails, unplanned calls, meetings, Slack messages (badge 1000+, red bubbles, notifications)
  • Stress != Progress

You waste 700 hours per year

  • Researchers found out that we waste 2h per day = 700 hours per year (i guess investors are wasting even more time)
  • chaos, scattered communication, confusion, duplicates, missing information
  • 64% of all documents in shared drives are duplicates
"Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?"

Stiki. Create Flow State for your team

(Explain the value of the pain you alleviate or the value of the pleasure you provide)

Stiki gives growing teams a central location to share information that deserves to last longer than a few minutes in Slack..

  • Enable your team to to work together remotely across different locations and time zones (Quote Tobias)
  • Reduce interruptions, systemize processes and optimize productivity (Quote SocialBee)
  • Makes your team 5x productive, 7x creative and happier

.. Logos .. .. Logos .. .. Logos ..

Stiki: The Operating System for Creatives

Share your notes, info, and ideas in Stiki so that others get informed and inspired later.

Core Features:

  • Intuitive to use and beautifully designed
  • Integrations
  • Tagging and References
  • Smart Folders to keep everything fresh

..Hosted in Germany, GDRP compliant..

"I like the idea of a knowledge graph"

Business Model

( Explain who has your money temporarily in his pocket and how you’re going to get it into yours )

  • Tested different pricing models
  • Subscription with multiple pricing axis
  • Customers

Calculation: Costs of wasting time

Go to market Market

( Explain how you are going to reach your customer without breaking the bank )

Success Stories:

  • ipotentials: store company essentials like Logo, Wifi Guest Password, Mail Address
  • St. Oberholz: company manuals, vision, culture
  • SocialBee, Present Company, switchup etc.

Success Story: SpinLab

You’re a new startup and joining startup accelerator SpinLab.

… check out engagement, user data

One day, every team needs a Stiki


( Provide a complete view of competitive landscape. Too much is better than too little. )

  • Confluence
  • Graph (Bad Design, Hosted in Germany)
  • Notion, Confluence, Google Docs, Gitbook

Action Plan & Status

2017: I started Stiki on my own, I’ve put it on BetaList

Tweet: I can’t wait to see it..

I’ve put it ProductHunt scoring 400 upvotes.

2018: I attended SocialNow and won the award for coolest tool Picture Award

This version got feedback like

  • Ganis: “It’s event better than GitBook”
  • Erika: “We use Zendesk for internal guides but I definitely miss Stiki’s ease and intuitiveness.”

Stiki 0.9

— Customers from around the world —

2019: Closing Sales 2019: Financing 2019: Team Building 2019: Joining SpinLab

2020: Stiki 2 1. Tobias 2. Stephan 3. Daria 4. Benedikt 5. Jakob

  • Globaliziation
  • Remote Work, Gig Economy
  • Digitization

SOLD Licences in January 2020

  • Techstars (twice!)
  • Betahaus
  • Next Big Thing

We’ve re opened our Sales

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