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Meetings Are Your Worst Nightmare?

2019-08-272 Min Read — In Office, Productivity

As an introvert equipped with a very limited patience (especially when it comes to enduring not very intelligent people), I feel terrified every time I hear the word ‘ MEETING ’. Every meeting with…

On-Boarding = Lost In The Wild

2019-08-202 Min Read — In Office, Productivity, Onboarding

You walk in the doors of your new company on your first day of work. You’re excited but also nervous, not sure of what to expect. People glance at you curiously, but then move on, and you have no idea…

What If You Hate The Office Life?

2019-08-132 Min Read — In Office, Productivity, Remote

I’ve tried it all, open offices filled with fancy snacks and hipster drinks, co-working spaces with a spirit of elitist world-changing mission, big companies filled with white symmetric desks and…