Tobias on December 08, 2019:


Creativity is the process of creating something new out of what we already know - the inspiration.

Look, crunching numbers in a spreadsheet, putting together a presentation and writing code are creative tasks too.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” - Albert Einstein

Creativity isn’t exclusively reserved for artists, designers and people with nerd glasses.

IMAGE JAKE KNAPP Jake was one of the designers of Gmail, written a bestseller called “Sprint” and just released his new book “Make Time”.

So if we all get paid for our creativity WHY do we need to gather in offices?


Feel free to disagree but I hope everyone who’s daily staring into a computer display gets paid for his headwork and not for his physical achievements of the day.

Thanks to digitization and the ongoing automation of low level labour most of us get or will get paid for our creativity.

Creativity doesn’t happen when we’re constantly interrupting each other. Period.

Creativity happens best when we’re in flow-state.

When you’re creating something it doesn’t matter when or where it happens.

Nobody cares if Picasso painted the Mona Lisa between 9am and 5pm or at night.

Flow State

You can’t invite flow-state with your Google Calendar or enable it like airplane mode on your iPhone.

You can’t plan flow-state. Either it happens or it doesn’t. Kind of like getting into Berghain.

McKinsey says when we’re in flow-state we’re 10x productive and 12x creative. Read it yourself. REFERENCE

NOBODY cares if Picasso painted the Mona Lisa in 5 years or 2 hours.

No artist gets praised for all-nighters or numbers of pounded coffees. Wayne?

One genius thought or one Apple is enough to make a dent in the universe.

Why don’t we all work more like artists and stop sitting in open offices?

Do you know what matters when you’re creating something? The creation. That you’ve created it. Not when and where.