Tobias on November 30, 2019:

Why software is killing Flow State

Software kills Flow State

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Creating software became easier than ever.

Just think of all the software you’re using at work: Slack, Gmail, Google Docs, Asana, Trello..

In 2017 there were 5.381 software services only for marketing.

2 years later there were 7.040 services. That’s 1.659 more.

The Consequence

What’s problematic about this development is that every software service adds a new location where we can store, access.. or well.. search for information.

Every day, employees spend 1.8 hours searching and gathering information. At least that’s what a McKinsey report says. IDC data shows that we’re spending up to 2.5 hours per day so roughly 30% of the workday for those activities. []

Anyway.. I think that’s too much.

It’s a bit like hiring a team of 5 but only 4 show up to work. The 5th is searching for for answers but not contributing any value.

In 2018, I attended SocialNow in Lisbon. //Prof// gave a keynote and he said that year by year we become more unproductive.

But that’s not the real problem.

Don’t get me wrong. I love productivity and as a German everything that’s not efficient is counter intuitive to my DNA.

Nevertheless the problem is not that we’re unproductive.

The real problem

The real problem is that we’re stressed and unhappy at work.

Think of all the anxiety and stress because of all the confusion around information.

  • Digging through duplicated documents
  • Chasing team mates for missing information
  • Sitting in meetings over meetings

The worst are all the interruptions, notifications and red bubbles everywhere.

// Tweetable After every interruption it takes us 20 minutes to refocus. It doesn’t matter if that’s a co-worker tipping on your shoulder or a @channel that’s killing Flow State for the whole team. [] // Tweetable

McKinsey found out that we‘re 5x productive and 7x creative when working in Flow State. []

Do you know what Flow State is?

Flow State describes the feeling when we‘re in the zone, in the tunnel - when time becomes a thing of the past because we‘re fully present in the moment. When we‘re completely involved in our activity. []

And that’s the problem of work nowadays: It doesn’t allow us to enter Flow State.

And not working in Flow State.. well.. that makes me unhappy.

// Reference: Why Flow State makes me happy