Tobias on December 08, 2019:


Have you ever asked yourself why we work in offices?

There is no real actual need for me to be forced to sit in that office.

At work, I’m using the same devices I’m using at home. Every morning, I bring them to work. And every evening, back to my apartment. LOL?

Commuting to work is 30 minutes. When I catch the right subway connection. I never catch the right subway connection. So every day, I’m in subways for at least 1 hour. Big success.

I have a lunch break for 1 hour. Time spend eating is maybe 10 mins. But with all the discussions where to eat, walking, waiting, waiter interaction it sums up to 1 hour. At least.

Btw, have you watched this video about how much time we waste in life? If not, better don’t. But here it is

Being on a vegan diet can be tough if your office is in the wrong hood. Like every hood in America LOL.

It’s all about working in your own flow. Some people find it when they work at home, some in coffee shops, some like to travel the world and some need an office environment with other people to get work done.

We need to understand that only a few people can be their best version in an open office environment. Maybe you’re also an introvert like me. Or someone who wants to get shit done. At least from time to time.

As humans, it’s our natural behaviour to connect and talk to each other. And that’s cool. It’s just not cool when I want to get work done.

The problem is that info just got too much and is changing all the time. So we need to communicate more and more.

Mo’ communications mo’ interruptions. And that means less flow-state. And less energy for an introvert like me.

Fucking extroverts. I hate extroverts. Constantly talking, constantly in the need to express themselves. And why do they touch me all the time?

Being in the same office with extroverts for 8 hours per day is can be like torture for an introvert.

We need to understand that the benchmark for creative work isn’t time spent in the office.

We need a culture that allows people to choose the right environment for the right task.

That I NEED to sit in an office for 8 hours so I can think there feels like slavery for creatives.

Sometimes, a quiet work environment can change a lot. It makes me feel better because I can concentrate better. And that’s why I work better.

If I work from home or anywhere outside the office I feel better and get more work done. It’s a win win situation.

That’s what I’ve told my boss last week.

Today was my 1st day in the home office. I got all my jobs done in 4 hours instead of 8 hours. That’s why I’ve read a book.

Ever heard of Cal Newport? He wrote the book “Deep work”. Bought it. Read it. Loved it.

Deep work is when you can focus without distraction and can produce better results in less time.

“deep work is like a super power in our increasingly competitive twenty-first century economy”

  • Cal Newport

Cal says deep work requires an environment free of schedules and distractions.

Cal Newport has quit Social Media. Smart guy this Cal Newport.

I wonder what Cal thinks of Slack? Slack is communication on steroids.

Tweet Button: Cal, what do you think of Slack?

Thank god it’s Friday. It’s Pizza and Beers day in the office. I have still enough energy and could join my co-workers for after work drinks.

Usually after work, I’m too tired for social interactions but today, after a successful day at home, I feel like having company is a good thing.

I don’t wanna end up like this.