Tobias on December 08, 2019:

Why do we work in offices?

Have you ever asked yourself why we work in offices?

I mean think about it: Every morning, our alarm clock rings so we have enough time to wake up, take a shower, have breakfast and the commuting to work.

on commuting

In some cities commuting to work takes xx minutes. And we do that every day - twice.

Every morning you see us wandering through cities like Lemmings.

If you need 30 minutes to get to work and you work MON to FRI.. well.. that’s 30 2 5 = 300 minutes = 5 hours per week.

Wait a seconds.. that’s roughly 250 hours per year.. so more than 10 days.

Do you know that video about time? If not better don’t watch it.

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Why we sit in offices

First squeezing into subways, then into cubicles. The lucky ones. The other ones sit in an open office space.

We sit in open offices so we can think next to each other. Seriously? No. Just kidding. Because we don’t let each other think.

Everyday, we’re busy interrupting each other with questions, meetings, calls, emails and Slack to prevent us from what we get paid for. Thinking.

Do you know where I get work done? Airplane.

The shittier the internet connection the more work I get done. It’s like Moore’s Law of the 21st century.

Think about it.

No artist would voluntarily work in an open office environment

Especially with a schedule that looks like this:


Anyway.. after arriving in the office we start the day with pounding cups of coffees in us because the alarm clock went off way to early.

And why did we get up so early? So we make it in time to the 9 am standup meeting.

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Problems of offices

  • Hard to focus
  • Noise canceling
  • Hard to be creative

Why we work in offices


Back then it was about physical exchange.. now it’s just information..

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